Monday, June 9, 2008


On a lighter note -
  • almost everywhere we went in Hungary and Croatia beds had no top sheet - just two small duvets. Now duvets are great in cold weather, but as the weather gets warmer, sometimes all you want is a sheet. A duvet, no matter how thin is too warm. And having 2 duvets means that they are not tucked in anywhere, so if you are having a restless night, it is easy to get tangled up in them.
  • We have encountered every kind of flush toilet imaginable. Europeans are much more conscious of water consumption and many toilets have two flush settings. Squat toilets are not to my liking - especially when you have to pay for the privilege of using them in bus stations.
  • The toilet paper brought me back to the 60s - especially in Budapest and Zagreb there was coloured toilet paper (though much more vibrant colours than the pastels we used to have here - green, blue, yellow and pink or white with flowers). Oh, I remember making Kleenex roses!
  • Croatian drivers are suicidal. Passing is allowed in places it would not in Canada. And they tailgate and pass. Paul had to step hard on the brakes a few times to avoid an accident.
  • Apparently the accident rate is high (no surprise) so the alcohol limit is 0 - but I don't think anyone enforces it.

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Punki said...

If you like Budapest then you should visit Prague and Vienna. Vienna is even more clean. Prague has more baroque buildings and narrow streets - its own flair. At least these countries have a common history and they are minimum one voyage worse!