Friday, May 23, 2008

More Dubrovnik

If you think Dubrovnik is beautiful in the day, you must see it at night. The lights glow off the light-coloured walls and reflect off the marble streets as if on water. We went to a concert in the cathedral - Early Music. The group was a small choir ( one piece accompanied by lute) - interesting harmonies. Lovely to get a flavour of the local music. Walking out of the cathedral into Dubrovnik at night added magic to the evening.

I had a small medical problem and went to see a doctor, who has provided me with all I need. He was an interesting man. As we waited in the waiting room, we noticed a number of paintings, many signed with his last name. So when he finished with the medical stuff I asked if he was the artist. He said yes - but that he didn't have much time to paint these days because he was writing. What is he writing? He is fascinated by black holes and spoke to us a bit about his interest and ideas. I had a hard time understanding, but it always a pleasure to meet someone with such diverse interests.

Yesterday we walked the walls of Dubrovnik, about 2 km around the old town with many stairs. Yet again, each turn brought a new vista, a new sight: gardens tucked near old buildings with flowers, lemons and vegetables, incredible sea views looking out to the nearby islands, the orange rooftops of the city spread out below your feet, and all the signs of real life - laundry hanging out, a bicycle tucked by a house (I don't know how they ride a bike down from the walls). Then there are views of all the boats in the port. At times we were very high up (I read that some walls are as high as 25 m. It's not the Great Wall of China - but it was an incredible experience. Wait until I post my photographs when I get home!

We have also taken time to cook our own meals, play some music (while looking out to the Adriatic) and to just sit and enjoy the atmosphere.

The beauty of Dubrovnik is remarkable - a real World Heritage Site. It is hard to imagine that it was deliberately bombed during the war in the early 90s. We have seen photographs of the extent of the damage. They have a done an amazing job of restoration, finding materials to match the original structures as closely as possible. This place is a jewel and must be preserved.

Still travelling....

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