Monday, May 26, 2008

This and That

We are now in Split which is north of Dubrovnik. We took a bus up the coast - breathtaking views with maintains on one side and fjord-like bays with sparkling water on the other. We passed bright yellow flowers and splashes of red poppies by the side of the road. Travel was slow as this is a twisting and turning road with just two lanes. At times we were at sea level, at times high up, hugging the side of the mountain. As the road winds, it is sometimes hard to tell if you are looking out on the many islands that dot the coast or at the other side of the bay. The bus, a modern air-conditioned vehicle acts as both inter-city and local bus. People flag it down and travel shorter distances.

Travel has its challenges. First there are the bathrooms. Each one seems to use a different flushing mechanism, from strings to pull to things to push in one way or another. Then there are the ones where you just line up your feet and squat. Fortunately, I haven't met too many of those. Showers are another challenge. The one we had in Dubrovnik required some gymnastics and timing.

Internet cafes have been great. We found a delightful one in Zagreb, complete with tea and smoothies. The one in Dubrovnik was very up to date with headsets for Skype calls. Great to talk to a few key people. Here in Split the service is not quite as efficient. Paul had to play musical computers until he had one that worked (slowly, but it worked).

And now, out into the hot sun. This was a nice cool place to sit for a few minutes.

Travelling on....

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